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2010 State Ladies Singles

The A reserve Ladies this year was a close tournament with most matches going to the last leg, but the strongest survivor and winning of the 2010 A reserve is Kelly McCormick def Julie Bowerman in the final 5-4.

(picturd below Kelly McCormick).

The Ladies Singles was a cliff hanger to the finish the same as the men's it went right to the wire on the last leg of an best of 11 legs final.

Quarter Finals:

Sandra Smith def Tracey Harback 4-1, Raylene Miller def Jo Cummings 4-2,

Chris Woolley def Rebeca Smith 4-3, Lee-anne Faulkner def Jenny Ransley 4-2

Semi Finals:

Sandra Smith def Raylene Miller 5-0, Lee-anne Faulkner def Chris Woolley 5-1


The Final opened with Lee-Anne taking the first leg in 24 darts, Sandra equaling out in the second in 25 darts, Lee-Anne finishing well to take the next in 20 Darts, only to see Sandra equal again with 31.

Both players then raising the bar with a strong 23 darter to Lee-Anne, Sandra firing back with an 18 in the next, Lee-Anne again finishing well with a 21 darter, Sandra back with 23 darts, Lee-Anne as the pattern has been so far taking the lead again with 21 dart leg, Sandra with the walk taking the next with an 18, to even the match.


The pattern so far was with the walk won the leg, so the bull shot was all important to both players with Lee-Anne winning the bull to shoot first.

Lee-Anne opened with 26,Sandra following with 41, Lea-Anne again looking for the trebles but only managed 32, to see Sandra on the 19's with 95, Lee-Anne then finding her range with 140, Sandra 54, Lee-Anne backing it up with 98, Sandra 57, Lee-Anne with 25, Sandra 38, Lee-Anne with another 140 leaving the double 20, Sandra hitting 97 to close in, Lee-Anne then scoring 8 to leave 32, Sandra with 24 now on 95 game shot, Lee-Anne busts in 3 darts, Sandra applying the pressure with 87 leaving her 8 to finish, Lee-Anne scoring 24 leaving 8 also, but Sandra hitting the 8 in the last dart of the shot taking the leg and the match in 27 Darts.

Sandra Smith avg (21.11) Lee-anne Faulkner avg (21.19).


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