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GeorgePage Open - results


DannyPorter playing in his second tournament in Tasmania wins the GeorgePage Open in Ridgley (Burnie), not only winning the Singles Title but also along with Fred Cadby (right) taking the doubles.


The day started with board roundrobins with 4 off each board progressing into the final 16.

From here knockouts are played, the last eight for the ladies were as follows, H.Johnston def L.Seabourne 4-2, J.Olsen def B.Grubb 4-2, S.Smith def L.Langley 4-1, N.Williams def D.Poke 4-3. Semi Finals saw H.Johnston def J.Olsen 5-2, S.Smith def N.Williams, this bringing another final between Hellen and Sandra.

Pictured Hellen Johnston Pictured Sandra Smith

Hellen Johnston in a best of 11 legs winning this one 6-4.

The last eight in the mens saw C.Rilay def L.Philpott 4-2, G.Olsen def M.Woodberry 4-3, N.Seabourne def D.Munday 4-1, D.Porter def R.Mathewson4-2, the Semi Finals - C.Riley ddef G.Olsen 5-1, D.Porter N.Seabourne 5-2.

This set up what look to be a final with David and Goliath, Clinton (Spud) Riley

(pictured above) being David and Danny Porter Goliath, the crowd wanting david to slew the giant but altho buckling the Giant a couple of times, Danny stood tall and showed his a force to be reconed with in Tasmanian Darts.

The crowd altho mostly were for Riley but also appreciate a good final and this one didn't disapoint, with Danny Taking the match 6-2, but not before Riley had chances of taking more legs, Danny averaging 26.55, Riley averaging over 24.36

On the Sunday Doubles were played with a board roundrobin once again down to the last the 16 then knockouts, the last eight in the mens saw W.Atkins & G.Olsen def B.Harback & G.Seabourne 3-0, R.Mathewson & N.Seabourne def D.Seabourne & B.Mansfield 3-2, L.White & F.McDairmid def R.Riley & C.Riley 3-2, D.Porter & F.Cadby def T.Monson & T.Jackson 3-0.

Semi Finals W.Atkins & G.Olsen def R.Mathewson & N.Seabourne 4-3, D.Porter & F.Cadby def L.White and F.McDairmid 4-1, the final was set W.Atkins and G.Olsen undefeated all day(pictured below) to play the inform D.Porrter and F.Cadby Pictured at the top left).

The Final going to D.Porter & F.Cadby def W.Atkins & G.Olsen 5-2 in a best of nine. D.Porter averaging 28.34 and F.Cadby with a 21.70, W.Atkins with a 22.24 and G.Olsen 22.17.

Ladies Doubles the Quarter Finals B.Grubb & M.Gillam def K.McCormick & D.Poke 3-1, P.Sebourre & T.Harback def J.Bowerman & J.Milner 3-2, H.Johnston & C.Bessell def J.Thomas & R.Milner 3-2, P.Mansfield A.Major def S.Smith & LSeabourne 3-2, the Semi Finals P.Seabourne & T.Harback def B.Grubb & M.Gillam 4-0, H.Johnston & C.Bessell def P.Mansfield & A.Major 4-1,

(pictured left H.Johnston and C.Bessell)

pictured below (P.Seabourne & T.Harback)




with the final now between H.Johnston & C.Bessell def P.Seabourne and T.arback with 3 legs down fighting back to take the match to a 4 all final but Hellen and Charmain taking the last and the Doubles Title. H.Johnston avg 20.63 C.Bessell 13.19, P.Seabourne 14.18 and T.Harback 17.84, and alike Danny Helen taking the Singles and Doubles quinella.

Highlights - Ladies 180's = 5, Mens 180's = 24

Gameshots D.Jones 114, A.Street 106, M.Knight 101, T.Monson 108, L.Philpott 116, M.Woodberry 114, J.Olsen 113.

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