State Junior Representative Teams

2000 -Boys: Captain: Robbie Walker, Leon Marshall, Adrian Robinson, Ryan Wilson, Aaron Clark, Tim Bessell
Girls: Captain: Bev Mathewson, Rebecca Smith, Tammy Olsen, Carley Agostini, Melissa Jackson, Angela Clark

2001 - South Australia
Boys: Captain: Robbie Walker, Rhys Mathewson, Tim Bessell, Aaron Clark, Ryan Wilson
Girls: Captain: Bev Mathewson, Melissa Jackson, Jessie Cullen, Paula Riley, Alicia Pare, Jenna Cullen

2002 - Queensland
Boys: Captain: Robbie Walker, Dwayne Seabourne, Rhys Mathewson, Tony Hall, Daniel Cullen, Luke Evitt
Girls: Captain: Bev Mathewson, Alicia Pare, Sarah Johnston, Jenna Cullen, Melissa Jackson, Sarah Olsen

2004 - Melbourne
Boys: Captain: Robbie Walker, Rhys Mathewson, Tony Hall, Dwayne Seabourne, Dewayne Everett, Phill Cummings
Girls: Captain: Bev Mathewson, Jessie Cullen, Jackie Upston, Melissa Jackson, Tameka Enniss, Sarah Olsen

2005 - Latrobe
Latrobe youth Centre
Boys: Captain: Robbie Walker, Dwayne Seabourne, Brad Thorpe, Rhys Mathewson, Dewayne Everett, Sean Methven
Girls: Captain: Bev Mathewson, Jenna Cullen, Melissa Jackson, Jackie Upston, Tamika Enniss, Kylie Gleeson

2006 - Darwin
Living Waters School, Alice Springs
Boys: Captain: Robbie Walker, Dwayne Seabourne, Brad Thorpe, Sean Methven, Rhys Mathewson, Jamie Hales
Girls: Captain: Bev Mathewson, Jackie Uptson, Lauren Seabourne, Jacinta Seabourne, Tamika Enniss, Natasha Rush

2007 - Sydney
Mounties Club
Boys: Captain: Robbie Walker, Sean Methven, Robbie Walker Jnr, Simon Bryant, Liam Philpot, Wayne Jackson
Girls: Captain: Charmaine Bessell, Lauren Seabourne, Nicole Collins, Jacinta Seabourne, Natasha Rush, Bianca Shearing

2008 - Perth
Gloucester Park
Boys: Captain: Robbie Walker, Simon Bryant, Sean Methven, Liam Philpot, Robbie Walker Jnr, Nathan Seabourne
Girls: Captain: Charmaine Bessell, Nicole Collins, Lauren Seabourne, Kelsey Jordan, Chloe Hoskinson, Kristen Gatty

As there are no actual records for the juniors, I will be adding to the list as the information becomes available.

Any help with this would be appreciated via email. Thank you.

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